Aaron R. Douglas

Objective & Summary

I love creating software that solves problems for people. I find that understanding what someone wants and providing them what they really need aren’t always the same thing. I like being the one that bridges the gap – the muse and the artist. I want to work somewhere that realizes my potential is limitless and keeps me challenged. I’m a continual student and enjoy being the teacher as well.


Mobile Maker; Automattic Inc. Milwaukee, WI (Remote) – July 2013 to Current

Software development primarily for the mobile WordPress app on iOS and Android platforms. WordPress for mobile is open source and public on GitHub. Some PHP development is also required to help maintain APIs and debugging server-side issues. Primarily I work on the iOS application with a current focus on the parts of it dealing with content creation and also a lot of the glue – Core Data and network sync being a big part of that.

I work in an entirely distributed environment at Automattic – we all work from wherever we are in the world currently. For real. There are challenges associated with this including having to be hyper focused on what you’re working on, being a great communicator over many different mediums, and the willingness to speak up and not expect others to be handling issues. Every day is different and I love the challenge.

Mobile Software Architect; Red Arrow Labs Milwaukee, WI – May 2012 to July 2013

I am Red Arrow’s lead mobile developer and architect for the iOS platform. I work with our Agile-based team members to build the best mobile solution for our clients. Red Arrow is traditionally a .NET shop and I was brought aboard to help define their mobile practice. The designers, analysts and QA team members all needed guidance to understand how mobile is different compared to the typical client work. We all have learned a lot from each other, and within seven months had shipped a very significant Enterprise iOS application, being their flagship mobile app success story.

Senior Software Consultant; Centare Group Ltd. Brookfield, WI – June 2007 to May 2012

My primary role at Centare was that of an Enterprise Java Developer/Architect. My favorite technology stacks included Spring Framework, Hibernate, Infinispan, and Lucene. I was heavily involved with a big data project at Manpower, which leveraged a number of open source platforms to provide a search engine to recruiters for jobs and candidates. I also helped with a number of iOS and Android applications when I was on the bench and as side projects.

Software Design Engineer; HK Systems, Inc. New Berlin, WI USA – November 2006 to June 2007

My roles included design, development and implementation of warehouse management systems and related hardware. I configured and deployed handheld computers, access points, secure gateways, and other warehouse support hardware. Development was primarily done in Java, Oracle PL/SQL and PowerBuilder. Designing and developing a host import subsystem in Java to interface with Department of Defense stores & ordnance systems from scratch was one of my major accomplishments.

Programmer II; City of Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI USA – June 2006 to November 2006

Principal programmer on PeopleSoft 8.3 & 8.47 systems. Created new and modified existing PeopleCode objects, SQR reports, and Application Engine setups. Maintained documentation for all custom programs and objects. Was promoted to Programmer II from Computer Scheduler within two months of hire.

Decision Support Analyst; American Society for Quality Milwaukee, WI USA – 2000-2006

Created and maintained suite of business reports using Cognos Impromptu & PowerPlay with Oracle 9i. Created, updated, and troubleshooted Oracle views and functions associated with reporting tasks. Designed and developed web-based applications for internal processes using PHP, ASP, MySQL, and Oracle.

Database Coordinator; American Society for Quality Milwaukee, WI USA – 1999-2000

Was responsible for managing input, integrity, and validity of data. Communicated with companies worldwide. Produced Microsoft Access-based product with user-friendly front end interface. Performed SQL queries to assist auditing.

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