Hi!  I’m Aaron Douglas.

I’m a software developer at Automattic Inc. living in Milwaukee, WI USA.  I currently work on mobile software, primarily WordPress for iOS.

Here’s a brief summary of my work history.  Check out my profile on LinkedIn if you need more detail.


About Me

I’ve been a geek my entire life.  I can remember taking things apart as a child just to see how they worked.  I’ve wanted to be a software developer since the second grade.  I can remember typing in BASIC programs into my Apple IIe from the 3-2-1 Contact Magazine and thinking how awesome it was.  I also enjoyed movies like WarGames and TV shows like Whiz Kids.  Turns out I’m exactly how I wanted to be.

I’m an empathetic person so I tend to understand users better than most.  Mobile software has me the most interested right now because of the tight interactions users have with the devices.  I write software that people use right before they go to bed and right when they wake up.  That’s some serious power.


What Drives Me

  • My husband of 18+ years, our house, our dogs.
  • Camping every weekend at our seasonal campsite in summer.
  • Geeking on the computer.
  • Photography.
  • Reading.
  • Training to be a nuclear physicist.  (passing hobby that piques my interest again ever so often but would never want as a career)
  • Seeing things around me that people can’t.  (paying attention)
  • Making things (software) that improves and enriches real peoples’ lives.


Contact Me

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